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Fort Wayne, Indiana Insulation Experts

Insulation Contractors in Coldwater, Michigan

Does your home need new or additional insulation installed? If so, consider working with the best insulation teams in the Coldwater area — Momper Insulation! We’ll help bring improved comfort, efficiency and value to your property, no matter its age. Our teams bring experience, tools, knowledge and logistics to work that most of our competitors can’t hope to match, paired with competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

If you’re ready to begin your home insulation project as soon as possible, go online to contact Momper Insulation; get a quote or schedule an appointment!

Home Insulation in Coldwater, MI

Picking the right insulation for your home, and thus achieving optimal energy efficiency without overspending, is about understanding how much hot air (or cold air, on a hot day) you’re losing in a particular area. You want to match that knowledge with an understanding of R-value, the standardized measurement for how well a material can resist heat moving through it.

  • Attics: Immense amounts of air can pass through your attic to the outside and vice versa, so you want higher R-value insulation there. The EPA suggests between R-49 and R-60.
  • Walls: You have a few options for different walls of your home: fiberglass batt, loose-fill cellulose or spray foam. You’ll need different R-values and materials to get the most out of insulating different walls, as you need to insulate the walls of your crawl space, foundation, basement and living spaces.
  • Basements:You’ll want to insulate your basement, even — or perhaps especially — if it is unfinished. Consider cellulose, fiberglass or spray foam, depending on the specifics.
  • Crawl Spaces:What kind of R-value you need and what material makes the most sense depends on whether you have a ventilated or unventilated crawl space.
  • Garages: Your garage can be a big source of heat loss, depending on your home’s design and the space between the garage and the rest of the home. We suggest a minimum R-value of R-13 in 2×4 inch studs.

Want to learn more about insulation options, or ready to schedule service? Contact Momper Insulation online to learn about our services in Coldwater, Michigan!

Commercial Insulation in Coldwater, MI

Need new insulation in a commercial space, or a retrofit or upgrade of existing insulation? Momper Insulation works alongside business owners, property managers and builders to install commercial insulation for projects across Coldwater. We’ve developed broad expertise in insulation for a wide selection of commercial structures, from multi-residential properties to warehouses. We understand the importance of keeping to a schedule, staying professional and meeting our obligations. Momper Insulation also carries appropriate licensure to install spray-on fireproofing products.

Need commercial insulation contractors in the Coldwater area? Then it’s time to message Momper Insulation.

Insulation Materials for Projects in Coldwater, MI

Whatever material makes sense for your project, Momper Insulation can provide. We install all major insulation materials, including:

  • Fiberglass batts are sheets of fiberglass that come in varying thicknesses, ideal to insulate open walls, ceilings and floor cavities in homes or businesses.
  • Blown-in fiberglass has a relatively low R-value per inch, but it’s a cost-effective option to add insulation to existing structures without major work.
  • Cellulose is available as loose-fill or spray, used in home and commercial insulation projects. Loose-fill is derived primarily from environmentally friendly recycled materials. Spray is popular for new construction projects, including apartments and other multi-family residential properties.
  • Spray foam insulation is sprayed on wet and expands as it dries into a much thicker foam. It works well for inaccessible areas and for filling oddly shaped cracks. It’s often for both general insulation of homes and businesses and for keeping HVAC systems efficient.
  • K-13 spray is a thermal, acoustical insulation made of cellulose fibers and primarily used for sound control and fire safety.

Contact Us to Schedule Insulation Services Today!

If you’re in need of experienced, professional, customer-focused insulation services in the Coldwater, Michigan area, we have you covered! The expert team at Momper Insulation keeps a close eye on the industry to make sure you’re always benefiting from modern best practices and the latest products. We take pride in getting insulation right, and we aim to always do it better than our competitors.

Contact us online to find out everything you need to know about our insulation services in Coldwater, Michigan!

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